Revamp Your Home for the New Year

Dated: December 28 2023

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Even if you meticulously maintain your home's cleanliness, decluttering is paramount to preparing it for open houses and showings. Potential homebuyers can easily feel overwhelmed and distracted by visual clutter. Here are eight straightforward ways to eliminate mess and ensure your home is show-ready.

  1. Streamline Possessions: Go through every room and categorize items into three piles:

    • Sell: Consider moving items into storage bins during showings or hosting a garage sale.
    • Donate: Load up the car and donate immediately.
    • Trash: Dispose of items promptly.

    If you're uncertain, ask yourself, "Would I buy this in a store right now?" If the answer is no, let someone else enjoy it or discard it.

  2. Opt for Smart Furniture: Invest in furniture with hidden storage solutions. Decorative storage trunks that double as guest seating and beds with built-in drawers are savvy long-term investments.

  3. Utilize Affordable Storage Containers: After decluttering, store belongings in containers to give everything a designated place. This can range from simple baskets for magazines, blankets, or pillows to media boxes for electronics and cords, or plastic bins for seasonal items stored in the attic, garage, or basement.

  4. Implement Storage Systems: Keep shoes in a hanging shoe rack in a foyer or bedroom closet, and use hanging systems for bags in the closet. Inexpensive options for holding foldable items can help keep closets organized and items out of sight.

  5. Clear Counters: In the kitchen, stow small appliances like toasters and coffee makers when not in use to showcase abundant counter space. In bathrooms, use baskets or cabinets to keep personal items out of sight.

  6. Manage Mail Promptly: Deal with mail immediately to prevent it from piling up. Sort through new mail, discard unnecessary items, and use a simple filing system for important documents. Consider taking photos of items with your smartphone and disposing of them promptly.

  7. Introduce a Basket System: Designate a basket for each family member and drop their items into it during decluttering. Encourage family members to put away their items daily. These baskets can be kept on stairs or under an entryway bench.

  8. Make Decluttering a Habit: Decluttering shouldn't be limited to open house preparations. Keep your home in Knox County fresh and clutter-free year-round by adopting simple habits. For instance, throw out five items every time you clean a room, donate or toss old clothes when acquiring new ones, and fill a donation bag weekly. Mindfully consider new items entering your home to maximize decluttering efforts.

As William Morris wisely said, "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

For more homeowner tips, explore our blog and consult your local Knoxville realty expert for personalized guidance.

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